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According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, there are numerous "bottom lines"...a biweekly alternative newspaper at the University of California Santa Barbara, the running scores and news for ESPN (the ticker at the bottom of the screen); net income (revenue minus costs and expenses); music venue in New York City's Greenwich Village; a World Wrestling Entertainment syndicated television show; catch phrase of Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Vespa; a publishing company...and my backside!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Update

Let's start with the obvious question...I did record a loss at Weight Watchers this week.   Down 1.2 lbs.  (significantly better than last week's loss!).  I had a fantabulous week on Plan.  I ate out once last week...and made a great food choice for lunch on Friday.  I would have loved to see a higher loss...but as my husband says, "It's a cumulative effect". 

At our meeting on Saturday, our fearless leader said something profound..."If you are weighing more than once a week (at your weekly weigh in, for me, before the meeting), then your actions are saying that you do not trust the plan".  I thought about that statement long and hard--and realized that she's right.  I am paying a lot of money to help hold me accountable and do this plan...so why don't I trust completely--instead of halfheartedly?  So...I came home, took the battery out of the scale and put the scale in the closet.  It will take me a while to retrain my brain...but I have to say that it was pretty liberating to not get up and weigh first thing in the a.m. (and sometimes I weighed right before bed, too).   Anyway...stay tuned...just like everything in my life.

I have prepared several meals (including the veggie soup that likely helped me out way more than I even know!) for lunch next week.  I am also excited because I know that it has to be helping us with our budget.

Albert had a pretty bad week last week...he just look generally sad all week.  He went for treatment #5 (of 12).  They took bloodwork, so I anticipate that next Friday we will get some news.  Again...stay tuned.

Okay--off to bed...tomorrow starts the work week!

Until next time...be good to yourselves!

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  1. Congrats on your loss. I would love your recipe for veggie soup. Also, Do you leave it in the fridge all week and take it to work, or do you freeze some of it. I am always confused on when I should freeze things :)


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