What is a "bottom line"???

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, there are numerous "bottom lines"...a biweekly alternative newspaper at the University of California Santa Barbara, the running scores and news for ESPN (the ticker at the bottom of the screen); net income (revenue minus costs and expenses); music venue in New York City's Greenwich Village; a World Wrestling Entertainment syndicated television show; catch phrase of Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Vespa; a publishing company...and my backside!!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekly Update

No, this "weekly update" isn't nearly as funny as the skits on "Saturday Night Live"...well, I guess that it's just all about what you make of it.

I was a Trackmaster this week...tracking each and every day for Weight Watchers.  Who would have thought that there IS a link between holding oneself accountable and weight loss?  (I hope that you read that with as much sarcasm as you could muster!).  I lost 2 pounds this week...shocking I know!  The good news is that the scale is moving in the right direction.   Now, I just have to keep my mind in a happy place because I know that the plan works.  

I have started my new week (my weigh in day is Saturday, so Saturday is the first day of my plan week) on the right foot, too.  The training plan I am using to train for the half marathon in November has the long(er) runs/walk-runs/walks on Saturdays...so today was my first long "run".   It was a 4 miler.   I didn't break any land speed records (not that I EVER will), but being that this is the first week in a long time that I have put forth any exercise--well, I was proud to just have completed it (albeit at 7a this morning so that hopefully I wouldn't pass out from heat exhaustion!).  So, week 1 is in the books (the training guide that I am using is a 15 week plan up to the day of the half marathon).  Whew...I know that I will be oh so glad to have trained like I need to--but I am finding it a bit overwhelming with everything else going on right now...

And by everything else...I mean work.  I believe that I have mentioned that we are transitioning to a new accounting system in October...effective October 1.  Well, this just means that as a department (Finance), we have a lot of work to do before that transition to the "live" system.   Over the past week, in addition to my normal job duties, I was charged with going through a listing of all of our customers, verifying their information (as it is now in our system), and updating a massive spreadsheet of all needed information so that the customers can be mapped to our new system.   This is all due by August 1 to our corporate headquarters in the Netherlands (which means a 6 hour time difference from there to here...they are six hours ahead of EST).  Anyway, I did all of that...and sent it to everyone that needed the information about 3 days ahead of schedule.   Then, as always is the case for me, there were other fires that needed attention...so my "normal" duties kind of got pushed back off the stove (and really, off the countertop...this was an ill attempt to tie to the "fire" reference before--forgive me!).  Anyway, yesterday (Friday, July 29th) was our month end close--and I still have oh so much to do before we can close the books...so I plan to go into work tomorrow to get everything done...So, in essence, today was my only day away from the office.  Nice, huh?!?!!?   (Again, I know that I should just count my blessings that I have a job...and that I know that I am good at my job...and that the job will be done to the best of my ability...but as I use this blog to "vent" about all matters...I am doing just that here.  I don't mean to offend with my whining and complaining...but this is cathartic for me...).  So, once again, I am just doing what I have to do....

There is at least a beacon of light starting next Thursday for me...me and The Gang (my collective group of gals) are going to see Keith Urban and Jake Owen in concert.   And, wait for it....I actually get to meet Jake Owen!  I am so excited (of course, my excitement presents itself in a multitude of ways...overall giddiness, to be replaced with the wardrobe ("What will I wear?!?!?   or better stated, "What can I wear that won't make me look like a cow?!!?!) dilemma, which will finally manifest itself (when I actually meet him) in me likely making a fool out of myself (it's happened on numerous occasions...I am just starstruck or whatever you want to call it!  Think Jennifer Grey in "Dirty Dancing" when she first meets Patrick's Swayze's character..."I carried a watermelon!?!?!??!?!".  I can totally relate to being completely mortified).   Here's a picture of Jake and me (we got meet and greet passes when we saw him on New Year's Eve...just lucky that time...this time's meet and greet comes from joining his fan club).

Then next Saturday we are celebrating my husband's 40th (the BIG one) birthday.  I can tease him for only 6 months...because in March I will have my doomsday.  The plan is to have a few friends over....enjoying good food, good drink (homemade sangria...my newest concoction!), but most of all great company!   I am so excited about that! 

In preparation for our Thursday night outing, I went and had my hair cut and colored today.  As always, Melanie and Collie took great care of me.  I have to say, my husband doesn't always appreciate the money I spend on my hair...but I think these gals are worth their weight in gold...and worth every single penny!  (And in my defense, I do try and hold out 10 weeks in between visits...so they do have their work cut out for them when I get there!).    What do you think?  (Sorry about the quality of the photo...still learning to use the camera on my computer).  Oh...and those are one of my pairs of new glasses that I ordered off of Zenni Optical.  It's a unique way to order glasses...and of course, you can't really see what the frames look like until you get them...but these frames (before my prescription) were $6.95...I ordered two more pairs with these...and the entire bill was less than $60...I just love having options--plus I was ready for a change from my other frames.  

So to keep up the accountability...here are my goals for next week:

  1. Tracking....can I continue to be a Trackmaster?  I am certainly going to try!
  2. Continue with the training plan for the half marathon
  3. Attempt to regain my footing at work...I can still only do what I can do...I am, after all, just one person.
  4. Continue reading blogs daily...I do read many blogs daily...but only post occasionally (as I am usually reading at work via the Google Reader, so leaving comments is not always possible).  Hopefully, with my new mackdaddy laptop, I will be able to post comments more frequently...and who knows I might even post again more than twice a month!
Until next time...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let's Make a Deal!!!

Image borrowed from Google...

That's paying homage to one of the greatest gameshows (great costumes, money, and looking for nail clippers in one's purse...how can you go wrong?!?) ever!  I loved Monty Hall (even though I guess that I am showing my age by making such nostalgic references).  I have only caught the "new" version with Wayne Brady as a host, a couple of times...but he was equally good in the role of host (I do love me some Wayne Brady, though--so maybe I am not the most objective person to rate this particular show!  That show where he did improv was likely some of the funniest junk I have ever watched on television--ever!!!  Of course, the ensemble cast on that show was also to die for...but again, I digress!).  Anyway...let's get started with this...

Door #1:   I hope that you will take the time to cruise over to Danica's Daily and check out one of the most fabulous blogs that I have recently discovered.   Danica is a devoted Weight Watchers success story and always has fabulous pictures to support her blog.   She's hosting an awesome giveaway...Annie's Organic Snack Mixes...I so hope that you will hop on over there (I am so funny!) and check it out...but don't feel the need to enter the giveaway (this will hopefully increase my odds of winning!!!).  :)

Door #2:  Inside or outside (workouts)?  I am having a terrible time motivating myself to get to the gym...I would much rather be outside walking/running...not on a stupid treadmill that shows that I have gone 3 mi, but I am still in the same spot.  I don't mind the gym when it's freezing cold outside...but obviously, I shouldn't hate it when it's hot as Hades here in GA on a continuous basis.  How do you motivate yourself to do what you loathe  don't want to do?  I am seeking some guidance in this category obviously...

Door #3:  Well...I got nothing with Door #3...so this would be the loser door (so don't pick it!)--you know the one with the mule pulling a load of banged up furniture instead of the shiny new car.  I am suffering from the beginning of a migraine headache today...it's kind of been there waiting to surface...and well, it's almost here.   So, I will bid you adieu for now...(Hoping that someone will proffer the Goody's/BC Powders that they found in their clown costume pocket (not really--just another "Let's Make a Deal" reference!).

Until next time...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Halfway through July

Man oh man!!!!  Here we are halfway through July--and I am a wreck!!!  Work is killing me (though I realize that I need to be grateful for any and all work...and most days, I am...but working until 8p most nights is really becoming a pain in my (growing) tush!!!).   We are in the process of trying to convert over to a new accounting system (read:  a huge pain in the neck...back...hind end...you name it...it's painful!) in October--and the whole way that we do things will change...Isn't this just the way life is--constantly changing?   I am a little bit concerned for my job...only because with the new and improved system, a lot of the functions for Finance will be centralized in our Dutch (corporate) office.  Of course, no one is saying the clock is running down...but would they?   Let's just say that I need to get the resume updated and become proactive in this employment search.

As for exercise this month--NON-EXISTENT!   (See above paragraph for pointless explanation justification).  The half marathon in Savannah is 18 weeks away--which means I need to get moving.   On a sidenote, I got an email from the series (Rock 'N Roll Marathon Series) this week...and because I will have done 2 events in a calendar year, I am going to receive an additional medal.  I am so excited about that!   I am such a glutton for the medals and/or t-shirts from events...nothing does a heart good like a little swag!!!  Anyway...need to get on board with that training plan a.s.a.p.

I have been scoping out local runs/events...I do so much better when I have something on the calendar...and not having anything on the calendar until November...well, that's just not quite the motivation I need/want.  The walk that I have done on Labor Day (last year and the year before) has been canceled due to lack of corporate sponsorship for 2011...so I am looking for another to replace it...I will be diligently searching active.com very soon...

Wanted to share a picture of our newest family member, Newton, too.   He's the (new) light of my life!   We think that he's between three and four years old...and is just priceless.  He never fails to amuse us on a daily basis.   I am looking forward to being able to take him with me for my long(er) walks/runs...but first we have to complete obedience training (apparently, he was allowed to roam in his previous life...he does not walk well on a leash...and it's way too hot for me to fight with him...thus, the reason for obedience training!).   He's recovering from his neutering (now he's Nutty Newton...though it has a whole different connotation now that some things are missing...sorry--that might have been too much information!).  We adopted him from a local rescue group...and apparently he had superstar status in the clinic.   He's been back a few times (once for kennel cough, then his surgery, and then the follow up visits) and everyone there is chanting, "Newton!", "Hey, it's Disney dog, Newt" and finally the vet, Dr. Good (yes, that's really his name...and his son, also a vet, is Dr. Phil Good...hilarious!) met us last weekend and told us that Newton was a special dog in their program...and he was so glad that we adopted him (I am led to believe, based on the above, that Newt was in the program for longer than most...).  Anyway, we go back on Saturday morning to get the sutures removed (I guess that because his manly parts had been with him for way long (his whole life), surgical glue just wasn't enough!).  Anyway...I present to you, Newton...

 How freakin' cute am I?

July has been a very successful month on the weightloss side of things, though...I guess that there's something to be said for tracking your food and maintaining all of your Points+ Values...Amazing how Weight Watchers has all of that figured out --like it's scientifically proven or something (again, read that with all of the sarcasm you can muster!!!).  The holiday came and went...and I lost 2 lbs. that week!  I am hopeful that this week will bring good news again!

Okay...my promise (okay, promise might be too strong of a word...should likely change to something like desire...hope...dream...) is that my posts will become more regular...and less sporadic.   I will rely on Newt to hold me accountable on all things...including my blogging.

Until next time...