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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Missing in Action....

Well, it seems like forever since I have been on here...and I guess in Blogland, it has been!!!  I have missed posting--but I have been reading blogs and posting comments--just haven't done the nitty gritty dirty work to get a post out here...The epitome of lazy, I guess...But my intent is to not fall by the wayside again...

Let's see...before I left, I was heading to Louisville for HullabaLOU music festival in Louisville, KY on July 23 and 24...What a huge success this was!  On Friday, we ventured to Churchill Downs a little early and took all of the stages in and then saw part of performance from Train and then Dierks Bentley and Bon Jovi on the main stage.  On the smaller stages we saw Blood, Sweat and Tears, B52s, and Gloriana.  We saw part of the televised broadcast of Gladys Knight (no Pips, though!)...they had cameras at every stage showing it on the closed-circuit screens throughout the venue.  Bon Jovi was awesome--and I learned from people around us that they had not been to Louisville in over 20 years!  I guess that I am spoiled living in Atlanta, as most big acts flow through here at least once a year...Bon Jovi, included.  I had just seen them in April at Phillips Arena which was awesome...but this crowd was totally loving Jon and the gang!  The highlight of Friday's show was when Dierks Bentley shared the stage with Bon Jovi for one of the encores...completely awesome!!!  Saturday, due to the heat, we didn't venture out nearly as early (as I didn't really know many of the bands on the smaller stages).  We waited until about 4p and headed to the racetrack.   On the mainstage, we saw Sara Evans, Jason Aldean (fellow Georgian) and Kenny Chesney.  We had some great people sitting around us who totally loved the concerts.

Not much to report about last week...it's so uneventful that I can't even remember anything about it.  Oh yeah... I did have to report a gain in the weight loss department.  I am so saddened by that--but in this life, I just have to take the good with the bad...and know that hopefully it will all net out to a loss (eventually).

Over the past weekend, Wonderful Husband and I went to see Korn and Rob Zombie (and a lot of other "different" type music from what my preferences are).  Okay--stop laughing...I am pretty sure that I looked like someone who totally didn't belong there...especially with the "Zombies" walking around...it was crazy!  However, the music was okay.  My husband did tell me that he thought that I would like Rob Zombie...but didn't think that I care too much for Korn.  (Obviously my music tastes are quite eclectic, if you look at my Zune, you will see that...there's country, metal, rock, pop, and soon there will be some Zombie!!!).   I think that it will be some good workout music.  Wonderful Husband loved the show...and he doesn't say that a lot about concerts--heck, he doesn't go to many shows (unlike me...I am a concert junkie!  Am heading to see Sugarland on Thursday night!).

My food is under control this week...and I have been drinking water like nobody's business.  I tend to drink 96 oz. of H2O while at work (so I spend a lot of time traveling back and forth to the potty...but this is extra activity...LOL!...and allows me to refill the water bottle on the way back to my desk.  I am hopeful that I will show a loss this week...

Speaking of losses...I did join this challenge.  Hopefully the month of August will be what I need to get me back on track.

Until next time...(and I will post pics later...)...make it a good one!


  1. I went to Nashville over the weekend to see the band Crowded House -one of my favorite 80's bands. It's the kind of band that everyone has heard, but doesn' t realize they've heard them. I love the B52's always a lot of good dancing at their shows. Nothing like whooping it up at a concert.

  2. It's just too hot for me to do any outdoor concerts right now, although I love live music! So glad you joined the challenge! :)

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! Its nice to hear someone talking about groups that I have actually HEARD of...most of the time I hear talk and feel ancient!
    I hear tale that Tammy planted a bug in your ear about a half marathon....I can't wait to meet you, even if it is 16 months away! Until then, I will get to know you on here!!!

  4. Tammy--It is hot, hot, hot...for sure. But sometimes you just have to endure for a good tune...:)

    Pam--My music tastes are quite eclectic (to say the least)...so if I can find a goup that you might have heard of...then awesome!!! I did hear something about a 1/2 marathon in Savannah...and 16 months is enough time for me to get into shape for it...Thanks for visiting (and I, too, cannot wait to meet you!!!)

  5. @ Ms. PJ Geek--I love, love, love Nashville...there's always something going on...and it's not all country music (by your Crowded House show!) like some folks think. The B52s still had lots of good music--but like the rest of us, age (and gravity) has taken over--was not such a pleasantry to watch their performance (just a bit of brutal honesty here). But everyone was still dancing and loving it...so it was all good!

  6. Thanks for stopping by! Are you the same Kim that was going to the Farmer's Market outing? I'm so annoyed I missed it but work called. Will definitely be in on the next one! :)

  7. @ Crys, Yes, it is me...and I am so glad that you stopped by, as well. I didn't make it the Farmer's Market--but am so looking forward to meeting you at a future time!!!


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