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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Ramblings...

Okay…so I have been less than diligent in my blogging…Hopefully you are still here—and may even be venturing through this whole new post. (What?! A new post…it’s only been 2 weeks and counting…Can’t be!).

So first, let me begin by saying that my weight loss has been anything but super. For the first week of End of Summer challenge, I rocked…lost over 4 lbs. Then the second week was less than superb (although I did record a minimal loss). I am drinking my water…have ventured back to the gym (it’s just too dang hot to be out and about on the road…although I do have a 10K in less than 3 weeks!!!! All I can say is, “OH MY!!!”). Anyway, I am hopeful that my true weigh in at Weight Watchers on Saturday a.m. will be a super success this week.

To continue with my week of mediocrity…I called my hair salon (am way overdue for some color and a cut) to schedule an appointment this week before our eighth wedding anniversary celebration (actually our anniversary is the 24th, but because it falls on a “school” (read, “during the week” since we have no kids or any connection to any part of a school year) night, we are celebrating this weekend. The past several years we go out to dinner, rent a limousine, go to several bars (read “indulge and imbibe”) and spend the night at the hotel that we spent our wedding night in 2002 (who says I am not a creature of habit sappy romantic?). Well, this year, they have opened one of our favorite restaurants (and where we tend to totally overdo the dinner part of the evening), Ruth’s Chris, closer to home (vs. driving 20 miles down the interstate…we only have to go less than 8 mi) in a hotel…so it’s a win/win…we are closer to home and there’s a hotel (read: “No Limo/Car Service Required!”). Anyway, Wonderful Husband has decided that this is a better (“cheaper”) option. We did go to this same restaurant on Valentine’s Day (which was right after it opened)…and while the food was great and the service was equitable to what we have had at the other locations…I have heard nothing but less than stellar reviews from others. (So, I am worried a little about that…but can tell you they get one chance…and if they jack it up, we will not go back and bad, horrible letters to a corporate office will ensue). Anyway—back to the hair salon…so I call (and have been going to my colorist for about 3 years and the stylist for about a year). This salon is what I would call high(er) end…since I have two people tending to my needs…and they have titles like Stylist, International Level and Master Colorist, International Level (which translates to years of service…and International is the top level…which translates to more $$$$). Anyway, I call (and am on hold for over 8 minutes—who would have thought that Top End Salon would have only one person answering the phone?) and finally get the Customer Service Specialist (that’s what the title is…for real, I heard it on the recording, more than once in the 8 minutes I was on hold!!!) , who is eagerly waiting to take my hard-earned paycheck and firstborn book my pricey appointment. So, I tell her that I need to come in for color and cut in the evening, sometime this week (see how flexible I am?). (Note: I already know that both Colorist and Stylist only work Wednesday through Saturday…and only Wednesday and Thursday evenings due to their International claim to fame). So, I throw out Wednesday evening…I am told that my appointment with Colorist is no problem…but that Stylist (after 20+ years of service at this salon…not just 20+ years of service in hair cuttery) is no longer employed there due to a family situation four weeks ago. OMG! What am I going to do? (You have to appreciate the fact that a gal’s relationship with her Stylist is magical…and Stylist and me, well, I thought that it something more…She could just read me…knew what I wanted and somehow worked her craftsmanship and made it happen. We reached an understanding…How could this be happening?). So, there’s this moment of silence…I awkwardly laugh (it’s what I do when I am uncomfortable…to keep from throwing out horrible expletives). Customer Service Specialist, thinking that I might need her to call 911, starts asking me if I am still on the line…hello? Upon regaining consciousness, I tell her that yes, I am still there but disappointed (wonder if she heard me crying?) that Stylist is no longer there…but I KNOW I need a hair appointment (Okay, need might be too strong of a word…WANT is probably more correct…sometimes for me, the line is blurred!). Anyway, through my heartbreak, I schedule the appointment with Super (INTERNATIONAL) Colorist and am assured that my new INTERNATIONAL Stylist (why couldn’t I step down a level or three???) is equal to my first stylist. Stay tuned…the appointment is Wednesday evening…I shall post the results, with or without desired results. (Note: one of my closest friends actually has her hair cut by my new International Level Stylist…and she does a bang up job…I have always loved my friend’s hair…so I am hopeful…but still a lot nervous!).

So, with the hair appointment on Wednesday, I won’t be able to work out Wednesday evening (I am getting full foil highlights—and even though my hair is short(er), it’s still way thick and will take about as close as forever as I am willing to go…then I will have to introduce myself to the Stylist (and am sure that it will not be unlike a first (blind) date…YUCK! Maybe I should just get a wig…LOL!

So, since it’s only Tuesday, I have to applaud myself for my decent food choices to date…(Note, I said decent…not STELLAR!).

Sunday—while I was supposed to go to the Farmer’s Market and meet up with other bloggers Tammy, Tina, and Crys (sorry!), I ended up with a migraine and just didn’t feel up to snuff (Didn’t feel like I could be my usual outgoing, sunny, confident self (read that with as much sarcasm as you can muster) through the pain, so I cancelled). I had three slices of bacon (center cut Oscar Meyer) and 2 slices of whole wheat toast for breakfast; nothing for lunch as I was saving everything for the Mellow Mushroom pizza that we ordered. I only had 2 slices (ground beef w/jalapeno peppers). (In the not so distant past, I might have eaten at least four slices of the pie).

Monday—I had my usual Weight Watchers (1 pt) yogurt (Peach flavored) for breakfast; Lunch—I did have a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy’s; Dinner—whole wheat spaghetti with tomato (w/extra lean ground beef) sauce and one piece of garlic toast. I did drink 8 oz. of fat free milk (this is my nightly ritual). I also consumed over approximately 80 oz. of water for the day (I have an easier time doing this at the office…). I only had one can of Pibb Zero (it’s like the most addictive alternative to Diet Coke…and unfortunately, equally as hard to find outside of the Atlanta area…and even sometimes within our area!).

Tuesday—Breakfast—Weight Watchers yogurt (Blueberry Pie flavor); Lunch—we had a Finance Departmental meeting at Copeland’s (if you are not familiar, it’s a Cajun chain…New Orleans style food). I did get the soup du jour (loaded baked potato) and side salad with balsamic vinaigrette on the side (although I did eat the two bits of cheese toast that were served with it). I did not order dessert (which was easy enough for me…they specialize in cheesecake—not a fan!) although I did taste of the whipped cream that was on a co-workers dessert plate. (While this was not a great lunch…it could have been SO much worse…so I am calling this a success!). I have drank about 80 oz. of water today…so I think that it’s been another successful day. I am sure that Wonderful Husband will have prepared a super dinner, as well…

Speaking of dinner…it’s time for me to go home…Off to dinner and then to the gym this evening…

I told you that this post was random…guess I didn’t lie! I should re-title it…Random Ramblings… (Note: I did change the title...)

Have a great one…More (less Random, I hope) Later!

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