What is a "bottom line"???

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, there are numerous "bottom lines"...a biweekly alternative newspaper at the University of California Santa Barbara, the running scores and news for ESPN (the ticker at the bottom of the screen); net income (revenue minus costs and expenses); music venue in New York City's Greenwich Village; a World Wrestling Entertainment syndicated television show; catch phrase of Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Vespa; a publishing company...and my backside!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Almost the weekend...

Not much time to post...just wanted to send a quick update that me and WGH and the boys (the canine ones, Albert and Bally) are taking a long weekend in the mountains of North Georgia.  We always go away this weekend...a tradition of sorts.  Anyway...the weather should be nice, dry, and chilly...Will post pics upon our return.

I won't be working on Monday--which simply means that I postpone my normal Monday blahs to Tuesday...and it's month end close...NICE!

Have a great weekend!!!  I know that I plan to!


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