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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Absence Makes...The Butt Grow Bigger?!?!?!

Well, if you read my most "recent"  post (written in May...posted in June), then you realize that I have already failed tremendously with the last item on my post...But how about letting me post twice in the same day...does that count?

Since the half marathon on April 30th, I have gained (yep, you read that right...GAINED) eight lbs.  I was up to 238 at one point.  As of yesterday's weigh in, I am down to 230.2...so I guess that it's a pseudo-success.  The other good news relating to my weight loss journey, is that my husband has joined Weight Watchers.  I will say that it's has been refreshing to have him conscientious about the Points Plus values along with me.  He was always very supportive of my journey--but now that we are doing this together, I am hopeful that we can lose this weight once and for all (so that neither of us will have to pay for our Weight Watchers memberships, although I am quite sure that my fees over the past three years are helping pay Jennifer Hudson's income from Weight Watchers...:)  (That being said, I still believe in the program...when I am on plan--I do very well...and now that J.J. is on it with me...I plan to be a success story sooner rather than later).

So, all is well on that front, I suppose...or at least getting better.

We had to make a hard (painfully, tearfully hard) decision this weekend.  My boy, Albert, returned for his three month follow up visit to the oncologist on Friday.   It was nothing but bad news...the tumor in his neck had grown and he had additional nodules of cancer in his lungs...more than before.  The doctor at Georgia Veterinary Specialists advised that we could do another round of chemotherapy treatments (more aggressive than the first round we went through) to buy us more time with him.   However, the potential side effects, if Albert experienced any of them, were more severe and these treatments would cost anywhere from $280-400 each.  The kicker was that there was only a 50/50 chance of limited success.  As much as I wanted, those odds just were not good enough for me to put him through it...again.   So, together (J.J. and I), we made the decision that we would do the humane thing.  We took him to the vet on Saturday one last time.  I know that I did the right thing by him...that he is no longer suffering, but I miss my sweet pumpkin.  He was a good boy who came into my life almost five years ago (we adopted him after my mother passed away after seeing his super cute mugshot posted on one of the boards at the hospital while my Mom was there.  J.J. just wanted to help ease some of my pain...so Albert was brought into our happy household).  For almost five years (well, four years, and 363 days, to be exact), he brought me much joy and such unconditional love...so I can't be all sad...just selfish, because I would have wanted five more years of that.  For any of you with four-legged family members, I know that you know what I mean.  I am sure that another four legged canine is in our future...but no one can replace my Prince Albert!  Rest in peace, my loyal boy!

Okay...let's move on to something not so depressing...

I did make it to the gym this a.m.  I did 2.5 mi on the treadmill.  I am going to look into the group classes...since there are three of my gyms in close proximity to home/work and see what new (mis-)adventures I can get into.   I will be doing this alone--as my husband would only consider doing the belly dancing class to watch, in his words, "the hot instructor".  (And just so you know, we exited the gym together this morning with him demonstrating all that he had observed in the class while he was doing his free weights...his demo was much funnier and less polished than the instructors, let me assure you.  (Again, I think that he's just trying to keep my mind occupied...I have been an emotional wreck this weekend.).

So...my goals for this week...

  1. Track every single item that I put into my mouth...this is much easier since J.J. is doing this along with me.   My plan is to bring lunch every day this week to work, too...so hopefully the fast food temptation and crazy lunches will save me points plus values (not to mention $).
  2. I will make it to the gym at least three more times this week.  I hope to be able to go in the morning before work at least twice...but I am NOT a morning person.
  3. I will take Bally (our border collie) on a walk every evening, too.  Usually J.J. does this alone...but now we can consider this more family time together.
I think that I had better leave this list at just these three items.  I will update you on progress/completion...

Until next time...

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  1. **HUG** So sorry about Albert! Glad to see you back on Blog :)


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