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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hard work does pay off...

Sorry about the delay in getting this next post out and about...but the past week has been all about some hard work.

My parents always told us (me and my sister) growing up that if you want something...you earn it.  And when you are younger, it's all about  money.  I realize that they did this to help teach us fiscal responsibility and pride in personal ownership.  One of my youngest memories is going to the bank with my Mom and opening a savings account.  I would proudly put my allowance ($2 a week) into that savings account and was amazed and shocked when I had saved over $100.  When I got my first job at McDonald's, I earned something like $3.75 an hour to basically be the janitor of the store.  I was only 15, so I couldn't actually do something like handle money or bag orders.  But it was all good--it was all about me and those paychecks that I would so proudly take to the bank on a weekly basis.   Once I turned 16, I got a better paying job (what? say it isn't so!) at Six Flags in the Admissions department.  Now, Six Flags is a seasonal employer, so no overtime is paid.  I would proudly work 40, 50, and on rare occasions 60 hours a week for my paycheck there...and loved, loved, loved that job!  (Sidenote:  I must have--because I continued working there all through high school and into my freshman year of college...I drove home every weekend to go to work at Six Flags!  How crazy is that?).  I tell you all of that to help demonstrate that I am not adverse, allergic, afraid (or any other word that starts with an "a") of hard work...I guess you can say that it's kind of second nature for me.

Not that you asked for a resume of my past employers...but I thought that I should share that I do not come from an independently wealthy family or have any false sense of entitlement.  I believe that in order to value the things that are most important--you to have to earn them.  I know that for the person that I am today, I have earned many badges and paid many dues.  And I think that probably all of the most valuable, prized lessons I have learned have been through sheer work and determination.

For example, Wonderful Husband often tells me that he wishes that we would have met years before we did.  However, I know me...and know that had I met him at any point before I was ready, I would not appreciate the man that he is.  I would have likely overlooked him entirely, because I was not ready to work for the relationship.   See, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that I had to go through a phase called, "starter" marriage (see, some folks buy "Starter Homes" as their first home...well, I had a "starter" marriage...a complete debacle which is another whole post for another time!).  Suffice it to say, "SM" was one of the most tragic mistakes of my life--but it was a life lesson that I had to learn on my own...no one could tell me (I knew best at age 27!)...no one could lend me advice (I loved him!)...and certainly no one could bail me out of the financial ruin and mental devastation that I experienced six months into it (Thankfully Mom and Dad didn't tell me "I knew it!").  But with hard work (and more than my share of frogs (not that I kissed them!), I found my Prince...and he's truly one of a kind.  He's my biggest supporter, my sounding board, my personal chef, and most of all, the most rational and understanding person I know (If you don't want an honest answer, you had better not ask the question!).  I love him more and more as each day passes.  

The same applies to weight loss, for me, too.  I think that I have to work hard for each and every victory (on the scale and otherwise) to be able to appreciate where I have come from.  I do get bogged down with the scale (I am obsessed...I weigh each and every day!) and often feel depressed or upset when I don't see instant results.  I almost feel like if I work  hard today, then the scale had better show it tomorrow!  And this just isn't always the case for me.   Case in point, the scale actually reflected a .5 lb. gain last week.  However, my clothes are fitting a bit differently due to all of the walking that I had been doing (since the Peachtree I haven't quite been on the wagon yet...but there's tomorrow!).  People at work have noticed...friends that have seen pictures have noticed...so I know that my hard work is paying off...just not the jackpot winnings that I would like...but a small payout is nothing to be shunned.  After all it's all about the journey--and goodness knows, this is no sprint!!!  I am committed to this process (that is obviously lasting a little bit longer than I would like...because I am all about instant gratification).

Anyway...to recap this past week...
  • The scale showed a .5 lb. gain.  I am hopeful that this will be gone this week...there's still four days 'til the next official weigh in at Weight Watchers
  • I did drink lots and lots of water...but there's always room for improvement there, as well.
  • I only walked two nights last week...so hopefully there will be much room for improvement there, too.
My goals for this week...
  • Post a loss...no matter how small, a loss is a loss...
  • Continue with the water.  I need to find my large water bottle and take it to work with me (it's 32 oz., so I have to walk to the cooler a few less times to get maximum hydration)
  • Need to step up the exercise...I did walk quite a bit at Lake Winnepesaukah (went to see my favorite, Chris Young perform not once, but twice...picture below); not to mention the heat and humidity!  So, I will say work out three times before Saturday's weigh in (that would be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!)

  • Do more frequent postings on here...No excuses!!!
Until next time...keep on keeping on!


  1. You have the right attitude Kim! I understand about instant gratification and weighing yourself all the time, i do the same thing. Just try and have patience and take one day at a time. And you'll find that starting up a blog is a big help. These wonderful people have helped keep me on track when i've been struggling. We're all in this together! :-)

  2. Nice post! I believe I met my husband at just the right time too! If we have met in highschool or college, I think I would have overlooked what an awesome guy he was and would be for me!
    Your goals for this week look great!

  3. You'll find that if you stay in touch and do regular posts, that Blogland will become your second family...it really is a group of loving, supportive, extraordinary people who really do come to care about you and the goals you've set out to accomplish. Excellent people!! And blogging is so therapeutic....you can post about anything and everything...your day to day stuff, ups and downs....just everything. It's a good way to get it all out...no matter what's going on in your life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do...once I get this move over with and I'm not packing boxes every night after work, I'll be back to blogging full force!! So glad you started your own blog...I love reading it!! And those are great pics of you and Chris and your friend!! :)

  4. Sandy, thanks for the words of wisdom. Nice to know that I am not a complete madwoman when it comes to my scale obsession! Patience is not my middle name...and I don't have a lot of it...but I am slowly having to learn more and more about it. And you are right--we are all in this together!

  5. Jessica, guess we are living proof that everything does happen for a reason!!

    Will keep you posted on the goals...(FINGERS CROSSED!)

  6. Tammy,
    I already know that you are 100% correct...you haven't steered me wrongly yet...:)

    And as always, compliments are always welcomed and appreciated!!!

    Thanks again!!!

  7. You have a Blog Award on my Blog :)

  8. You are right - you have to be ready for it and want it bad to make it work. At least that's how it's been for me with weight loss! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I look forward to following you on your journey!


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