What is a "bottom line"???

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, there are numerous "bottom lines"...a biweekly alternative newspaper at the University of California Santa Barbara, the running scores and news for ESPN (the ticker at the bottom of the screen); net income (revenue minus costs and expenses); music venue in New York City's Greenwich Village; a World Wrestling Entertainment syndicated television show; catch phrase of Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Vespa; a publishing company...and my backside!!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 2--Blogger Challenge

Okay...so I started writing this post...but forgot to post it on Day 2...Oops...

The meaning behind my blog title is easy enough...I am an accountant by day...so as an accountant (really, as a person in general), we are all concerned about our bottom line...highly financially motivated.  Of course, as a weight loss blog...I am worried about my "bottom line"...errrr...my bottom (i.e., butt, derriere, "junk in the trunk"--there are way more synonyms for this bottom line than for the financial accounting one).   Of course, from my accountant point of view, a big bottom line is desirable...means more money in the company's (or your own pocket, if self-employed).  But from my alter ego (the weight loss blogger side), I would prefer a smaller bottom line. 

And well, just in case you were wondering--and don't know...this is all about me...and my hind haunches...not gross profit!  (More (stale) accounting humor there...).

No great revelations...no super creativity...it is what it is...and well, that's my final line about my bottom line!

Until tomorrow...

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